Who We Are?

It's pronounced koh-fehn-yah

A Little About Our Past

When you write a business plan as a 20 year old, you tend to think like a 20 year old. You want a coffee shop that has a lot of space for Miami students to lounge, study, socialize. And you want to make sure you’re priced below your competition, because what college student has extra money lying around?

When you reassess things after being open for a decade, you realize that things change with time. Now, you’re less concerned about your pricing structure, and more focused on the quality of each and every cup. You want to make sure you provide a space that is inviting and safe for everyone, from families to businessmen to professors to grandparents. And you’re less concerned with being cool and relevant and fun, and more interested in operating a business that doesn’t just worry about customers, but considers the baristas to be the key to a happy and healthy and successful shop.

When Kofenya opened in 2004, Nicole Ayres and I (Liz Snyder) were naive dreamers with little hope for success. Yet Kofenya (that’s Russian for ‘cafe’ in case you were wondering) is still going strong. There have been big changes along the way- Nicole left the coffee world in pursuit of other creative endeavors. And there have been little shifts in focus - I promise you that our coffee quality and attention to detail is growing with each and every year that passes. But, at the center of it all, I believe that the heart of Kofenya has never changed. We are here for the people.

Kofenya is a gathering place for all of Oxford, an independent and long-standing business that seeks to bridge the gap between student and townie, young and old. We are here to give you a 6 shot americano to keep you awake for finals; a soothing cup of tea when you’re catching up with an old friend; a mango smoothie when the sun finally comes out after another grey Ohio winter; a bottomless mug when working on your lesson plans.

Whether you’re here just to see a smiling face behind the counter, or whether you chose us for the superior quality double shot of espresso, thank you for all of the support and patience throughout the years. This shop has meant so much to many people along the way, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds.


  • Serving the highest quality espresso from Sunergos Coffee. Tastes amazing in our double shot 8oz cappuccino with a nice rosetta on top. But don’t worry, we’re not afraid to make you an extra sweet vanilla frap if that’s what you prefer.
  • We offer a wide variety of delicious brews from Seven Hills Coffee every day, plus whole-bean to take home.
  • Hipster vibe, but also full of Miami girls and frat stars.
  • Free wifi, lots of seating, and late operating hours for all you night owls and procrastinators.
  • Family friendly, though not responsible for the inappropriate humor that often adorns the chalkboard walls in the bathroom.
  • Bakery case full of fresh baked muffins and scones, and a turkey pesto panini that is so good we haven’t changed it in the entire time we’ve been a business.

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Some pictures from around the shop

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee.
That's close enough."